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Litigation Law

Your Sunshine Coast Litigation Law Specialists

Litigation should not be a maze. Our team of lawyers listen and are responsive. We set out your objectives, define the important issues and develop an action plan to provide a clear direction and timeline.

Conflicts are an unfortunate part of doing business. They distract you from your business and put a strain on time, energy and resources. We identify the real issues from the outset and provide advice that is clear and specific to what our clients are seeking to achieve. We work to minimise your risk and, if necessary and appropriate, relentlessly pursue your objectives.

Occasionally litigation is unavoidable. If this is the only solution, we come prepared to drive matters rigorously with clear and effective advice and we understand that your decisions based on our expert advice can have serious implications in your business.

We solve problems and focus on the resolution, not the dispute.

Our ultimate objective is to resolve disputes quickly and in the best way possible for you and your business. We work with you and your other advisers to actively seek a resolution through negotiation, mediation or other dispute resolution methods.

Our litigation services include:

  • Building and Construction;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Defamation;
  • Competition and consumer claims;
  • Professional negligence claims;
  • Insolvency;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Planning and Environment;
  • Franchising and other contractual disputes.

When all other reasonable commercial alternatives have been exhausted, litigation is unavoidable. When it arises, we will provide clear direction and drive matters rigorously. We understand litigation can have serious implications for you and your business and so, you are always our priority.

You are always our priority and we are accountable for the trust you place in us.

Dispute matters can be emotionally draining, time consuming and costly. With our experience we are able to understand the situation quickly and provide advice on the best path forward to resolve the dispute.

We are proudly challenging conventional legal thinking and costing by offering a flexible,
customer-centric and specialised approach to legal services.

Our recent experience:

  • Acting for a builder regarding a claim for negligence in the construction of a dwelling.
  • Providing advice to a body corporate regarding a dispute with the caretaker and letting agent.
  • Advising a consumer regarding their claim for a faulty (and very expensive) consumer product.
  • Acting for a professional services firm to recover a debt from numerous defendants including the registration of numerous caveats and successfully resisting challenges to the validity of those caveats.
  • Acting for a group of franchisees spread across QLD, NSW and WA in dispute with their Franchisor regarding a number of compliance issues.
  • Acting for a land owner in the Planning and Environment Court against the local council on an amended decision notice.
  • Acting for a homeowner in relation to a professional negligence claim against a building and pest inspector.
  • Providing advice and commencing defamation proceedings for an employer against a former employee.



We don’t claim to do everything.

Clients come to us to deliver outcomes. Whatever the issue, we break down the problem and communicate clear effective solutions.


We deliver


We solve


We Take
planned action.