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Ashleigh McCann

“I understand the importance of the support I provide to the team and ensuring they are able to focus on delivering for their clients”

Without the support Ashleigh provides to our team, our business would grind to a halt.

For most people Ashleigh is the smiling face that greets them but for the Spire Law team she is the reason we are able to provide legal services smoothly and seamlessly.

Ashleigh not only provides an administrative function for Spire Law but assists with driving efficiencies in our processes and systems, most of which our clients never see. It is the smooth integration of these systems that helps our business function properly.

Ashleigh is also the driving force behind all our events, so if you have ever been to one of our client events or information nights, it is Ashleigh who will have organised everything from the content to the guest list.

As the practice manager, Ashleigh is the wearer of many hats and has the skillset to juggle those hats to perfection.

When Ash is not working she enjoys down time reading and meditating as well as dreaming up a trip to somewhere new.

Ashleigh McCann
Practice Manager
  • Bachelor of Business – Management and HR Majors


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