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Our Social Responsibility

At Spire Law, we strive for more sustainable and socially responsible work practices.

Every day we aim to:

  • Source office supplies from sustainable resources and recycled materials wherever possible;
  • Invest in local organisations or community projects designed to improve the lives of people and build strong communities;
  • Provide our staff with flexible work practices so they can achieve their career and personal goals;
  • Reduce our paper consumption as a paperless office;
  • Encourage our team to undertake pro bono work to assist disadvantaged individuals and not-for-profit organisations;
  • Encourage diversity of background, gender and life experience to add value for our clients;
  • Promote environmental responsibility and thinking amongst our team;
  • Devote resources and time to ensuring our people work in a happy and healthy work environment.

Spire Law acknowledges our responsibility to make a contribution to the community of which we are a part. We encourage all of our staff to accept their responsibility to participate in activities which contribute to the community, support the underprivileged, respect the environment and help others.

Our social responsibility is an important part of who we are at Spire Law. We strongly believe that our privileged professional standing, as a law firm, confers upon us a responsibility as corporate citizens to do the right thing and contribute to our community.

The social responsibility initiative is not only our way to give back to the community but is an opportunity to utilise our unique skills through pro bono work for those that can’t afford access to justice, and to access our community connections, to raise awareness for important issues and causes in the local Sunshine Coast community.

“We see ourselves as another member of the community”



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